Are You Home Energy Savvy? Here are 4 Common Myths

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February 15, 2015
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March 15, 2015

Are You Home Energy Savvy? Here are 4 Common Myths


Home energy costs are a major part of the household budget. Unfortunately, there are some common energy myths floating around that may be sabotaging your efforts to reduce home energy costs.

Here are four of the most common myths on energy and the real story behind them.

  • MYTH: Buying an efficient heating or cooling system will automatically reduce energy bills. While a more efficient system can reduce energy costs, the impact it has may not be as much as you thought. If the system isn’t sized right or if it’s not properly installed, the reduction in costs can be far less than expected. For example, up to 33 percent of the energy used by a central air conditioning system can be lost due to improper installation of the system or poor air duct design.
  • MYTH: Turning the thermostat way up or way down will make your home warmer or cooler faster. A typical HVAC system works at one speed. It won’t warm or cool faster just because the thermostat is set at a certain point. Radically changing the thermostat setting only drives up energy costs.
  • MYTH: Leaving lights, computers and appliances on uses less energy than turning them off. Some devices do use a small surge of power when starting up. However, that surge uses much less energy than the amount wasted if the device is left on when not in use.
  • MYTH: Energy efficiency increases the first cost of houses. Some energy efficient products may cost more at purchase simply because they have more advanced technology, which comes at a cost. Whether that increased cost is due to the efficiency level or not depends on the product. The cost of a refrigerator, for example, seems to have very little relation to its efficiency level. With HVAC systems, going energy efficient can actually reduce costs. A smaller, more efficient system that’s sized for the home uses far less energy than a large, oversized one.

Don’t let these common energy myths sidetrack your efforts to lower energy costs. Learn more about making your heating and cooling systems more energy efficient or contact Cool Care Heating & Air today at (803) 772-7715.