Bucks in the Bank: How to Save Energy and Money This Winter

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Bucks in the Bank: How to Save Energy and Money This Winter

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Few things are worse than getting that first huge winter heating bill right as you’re getting your credit card statements for your holiday gifts and travel. That big bill doesn’t have to be part of your holiday tradition, though — and neither does bundling up in multiple layers inside because you don’t want to turn on the heat. By making a few small investments in your home today, you can slash your heating costs for years to come.

Bring Your Home Into the Future With Whole House Automation

The days of having just a single dial to manage your thermostat are long past. That means no more worrying about spending extra money because you forgot to turn the heat down before you left for work or because you left the heat up so you could come back to a warm house. Now, you can manage your home’s comfort with the push of a single button.

Our whole house automation system allows you to control your thermostat and more through any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Forget to turn your heat off when you left on vacation or want to turn it on sooner because you’re coming home early? Just get online and make the adjustment. You can connect your lights and other electronics as well for even more savings.

Find Hidden Energy Leaks With an Energy Evaluation

“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” does not apply to your home’s energy use. If you ignore your energy consumption until a bill skyrockets because of a major appliance issue, you’ve already lost half the battle. Sure, your energy use will go back down after you’ve had the repair completed, but being satisfied with that decrease will likely cause you to ignore other sources of home energy leaks.

In a home energy evaluation, our HVAC specialists will look for sources of energy leaks that go far beyond your HVAC system. They’ll check common locations of air leaks including

  • Window seals
  • Weatherstripping around doors
  • Plumbing and lighting fixture openings
  • Attic insulation

and use specialized diagnostic equipment to find harder to detect leaks. At the end of the evaluation, we’ll present you with a plan to eliminate your energy leaks, and you can start saving as soon as you’re ready to start the improvements.

Sign Up for an Energy Savings Agreement

If you could see a major drop in your energy use for a small annual fee, would you pay it? That’s exactly what an energy savings agreement does. Like any other heavily-used piece of machinery, your furnace needs regular maintenance to keep its performance from declining. During your annual tuneup, our technicians will take care of common problems that reduce energy efficiency including

  • Dirty or blocked air filters
  • Faulty electrical connections
  • Miscalibrated thermostats
  • Dirty blower wheels and/or condenser coils

We’ll also help you save money by pointing out parts that need to be repaired before they cause an expensive breakdown, and by keeping your furnace in top shape year after year, you’ll be able to prolong its life and delay needing to buy a new one.

Consider Installing a New Furnace

According to ENERGY STAR, a furnace that is 15 years old is at least 15 percent less efficient than current models. If you have a cheap, inefficient model installed by your home’s original builder and choose a modern, high-efficiency furnace, the savings could be even greater.

To make the decision about whether replacing your furnace is a worthwhile investment, multiply your annual expected energy savings by ten years. If the savings are worth more than the installation cost, it’s time to make the switch. If you can’t afford the upfront cost, you can still purchase an energy-efficient furnace by taking advantage of our special financing offers, with approved credit.

If you’re ready to cut back your energy spending and put more money back into your budget for winter fun, contact Cool Care Heating & Air today. Kenny and Teresa have over 37 years of combined experience keeping Columbia, SC, and the surrounding communities comfortable.