I hope this finds you all safe and healthy.  Please remember our Indoor Air Quality options to help keep your family’s air clean and thank you Columbia!

Take care.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe.

Kenny & Teresa

Our world is reeling from the Coronavirus attack, it is changing our lives (both family and business) in ways we could not imagine a year ago. I realize that you see messages from almost every business imaginable, this morning I had 3 airlines, a car manufacturer and 12 restaurant chains email me to let me know what they are doing to help ensure my health and safety. This message is similar. But different.
Cool Care Heating & Air is open for business and ready to serve your heating & air conditioning needs. Our team is committed to your family’s safety and health, here is what we are doing to help in that regard. To start with, we monitor our own health, if one of our employees feels ill, they will see a doctor or clinic, if there is a financial opportunity with that visit, we will handle it. When our team comes to your home they glove up, put on shoe covers, if you request, they will wear a mask. All of our trucks are equipped with spray disinfectant, protective covers for areas when we are in your home for any length of time, each tech keeps his own set of tools and will disinfect them after each visit.
We have set in place a Covid-19 protocol.
Before we come to your home, here are some things you as the homeowner can do to limit (or in some cases eliminate) the need for us to come into the home. While it is not possible to cover all applications, there are many situations where with your help we can do a tune up or maintenance, even some repairs, from outside the home.
Air Conditioning Tune Up/Maintenance Homeowner Check List
  1. Verify that the breaker is on to the AC unit Note: if panel is outside and unlocked, technician will check it.
  2. Make sure the batteries are new in the thermostat
  3. Turn the air conditioning on at the switch for all thermostats (if more than one is in use).
  4. Move temperature down 5 degrees to keep unit operating.
  5. Check all vents to verify that they are open and have good air flow.
  6. Check air filter, remove and replace as necessary. If not able to accomplish, let us know ahead of time.
  7. After 10 to 15 minutes of operation make sure air is starting to feel cold.
  8. After technician is finished reset thermostat back to normal setting.
  9. Let us know email or number to send the reports to electronically.
  • We are paperless, no need to sign anything.
  • We have stopped shaking hands, no contact policy is in place.
  • We will try to stay 6 feet away from family members at all times.
Today, communication is vital to our business, please let us know if anyone in the home has been exposed and is under quarantine, or if they are under a doctor’s care for the virus. We will take special care to work with those situations.
I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that we do offer solutions to Indoor Air Quality issues. We have filters that can take out over 99% of airborne particles, UV lights that can help destroy viruses, air sterilizers to eradicate germs that are found in homes, similar to hand sanitizers we are now using daily. Can these products and systems eliminate the Covid-19 Virus completely? Only if you live in a petri dish in a lab. But they can certainly help and go a long way to set up a healthy home.
Just to be clear, we have offered and sold these products for over a decade, have a limited inventory that we are offering at pre-coronavirus pricing. So no matter if you have a maintenance scheduled or would like a tune up, or have an issue that needs service, we are ready to help.