Your Guide to HVAC Repair: When It’s Time to Call the Pros

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Your Guide to HVAC Repair: When It’s Time to Call the Pros

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It’s the middle of winter, and your heater has started acting funny.

This is probably a good sign your system needs to be repaired. There are some types of HVAC repair you can do yourself, but if you want your furnace fixed fast so it can keep the house warm, you may not want to try.

The truth is, a lot of HVAC repair is tricky and can be dangerous. Take a look at these furnace warning signs that mean you need to call a professional.

Your Energy Bill Is Going Up

This means there’s something not quite right happening inside your HVAC system. Your bill is going up because your system needs more energy to heat the house to the right temperature.

Without that extra energy, the system wouldn’t be able to heat the house the way it should.

You may not realize the bill is going up at first, especially if you only use your system for a few months of the year. But as soon as you notice your bill is more than it should be, you need to call a professional HVAC repair company.

If you don’t call about the energy problem, the system can continue to give out. Eventually, it could shut down completely, which will lead to some costly repairs.

Your System Won’t Start

Not much needs to be said here. If your system doesn’t start, you can’t use it. That will just leave you with a cold house in the middle of winter.

You can try to figure out why the system isn’t working on your own, but you’ll get the best and fastest results when you call a professional.

Your System Won’t Start Unless You Reset It

This is a problem a lot of HVAC owners tend to ignore. After all, once you press the reset button, the system works fine. So no need to worry about it, right?


There’s probably a reason your furnace doesn’t want to start, and pressing the reset button only delays the problem. In fact, because the problem isn’t being addressed, you may even be unintentionally making it worse.

But it’s okay to press the reset button.

That’s what it’s there for.

If you have to press the reset button every once in a while, you shouldn’t start worrying something is wrong. However, if you suddenly find yourself pushing that button any time you want to use your HVAC system, you’ve got a problem.

The best thing you can do is call someone to come look at your system. Finding and fixing a problem early on is a lot better (and a lot less expensive) than trying to deal with it later.

You Smell Bad Odors

Bad smells mean you either have a combustion problem or a gas leak, both of which can be very serious hazards.

If you have a combustion problem, you may also notice things like too much smog and grit in your chimney or a high energy bill. Anything related to the chimney usually means your furnace is making incomplete combustions. A high energy bill (in this case) means your furnace isn’t efficiently converting natural resources to heat.

A gas leak is definitely more serious than a combustion problem.

If the bad odor smells like sulfur or rotten-eggs, you probably have a gas leak. If you smell anything like that in your house, you need to turn off the furnace right away. Close the gas valves and get your family out of the house.

Once you’re outside, call the fire department, your utility company, or both.

You should never ignore these smells. Doing so could lead to some serious problems that may become safety hazards for you and your family.

You Hear Loud Noises

Your furnace shouldn’t be making those sounds, so something inside your system is out of place or not working right. There are multiple different types of furnace sounds you shouldn’t hear.

But if you do hear any of these sounds, you should call for HVAC repair.

Grating, Metal Against Metal

This type of sound means there’s something wrong with your blower wheel. The fan could have come loose, the wheel could be damaged, or the piece holding the motor in place could be broken.

Either way, you should turn your furnace off if you hear this sound and keep it off until it has been inspected by a professional.


This could be something as simple as a loose panel screw. Once you turn off your furnace, you can attempt to tighten the panel yourself.

If that doesn’t stop the sound, you could have a crack in your heat exchanger. This could leak carbon monoxide, which is a serious health hazard, into your home. So turn off the system and call a professional right away.

Squealing or Screeching

You don’t have to be too concerned when you hear this noise. In fact, if you have the time and want to try it, you may even be able to find this problem yourself.

A screeching or squealing sound means your belt may be damaged. It could also mean your blower motors are malfunctioning or other moving parts are dry. Calling a professional is still the fastest way to fix the problem.

Bangs and Booms

Bangs could either be a sign you have a serious problem with your system or that your ducts are expanding and contracting.

Ducts moving like that aren’t uncommon, and it’s no need for concern. But it can be annoying. A professional may be able to seal or insulate the ducts to keep them quiet.

Bangs and booming sounds can also mean you have a dirty burner that has delayed ignition. The gas builds up when you turn on the system, and once the ignition catches up, the gas explodes.

The two sounds are pretty easy to tell apart, but if you suspect your furnace has a delayed ignition, you should turn your furnace off and call HVAC repair right away.

Stay on Top of Your HVAC Repair

You should schedule maintenance for your system at least once a year, but don’t leave it off until winter. Once the cold arrives, you want your furnace to be ready to go.

Notice any of these HVAC repair warning signs? Give us a call right away and we can get your system up and running again.