Home Improvements Eligible for Energy Tax Credits

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August 25, 2015
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September 25, 2015

Home Improvements Eligible for Energy Tax Credits

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home improvements If you are trying to save money on your energy costs, consider making a few home improvements that qualify for energy tax credits. Apart from being a tax advantage, certain home improvements can bring additional financial reward because you realize savings through increased energy efficiency. Start making energy-efficient improvements around your home so you can take advantage of energy tax credits and save money.


The IRS recognizes certain qualified energy-efficient improvements in your home in its tax credit program. Adding insulation will qualify you for tax credits but also offers added benefits. Lack of proper insulation causes heat gain or loss which makes it more difficult to heat or cool your home. Ensuring your home has proper insulation reduces energy consumption and therefore your energy bill.

Doors and Windows

Adding energy-efficient doors, windows, and skylights is another way to receive an energy tax credit. Pay attention to energy performance ratings when purchasing new doors and windows. Only certain types of roofs qualify, so be sure to do your research.

High-Efficiency HVAC Equipment

Certain high-efficiency air conditioning systems may qualify for a tax credit. The credit can extend to a percentage of the installation costs of some of these systems. It is therefore beneficial to let go of that old air conditioner that is driving up your energy costs.

Advanced Circulating Fans

An Advanced Main Air Circulating Fan is a fan or blower motor that keeps propane, natural gas, and oil furnaces running properly. These fans are highly efficient and will help reduce your heating costs this winter. Be sure to check the tax credits available for the relevant tax year to ensure the credits apply.

Tax credits for certain energy-efficient home improvements are meant to encourage homeowners to make upgrades that enhance their comfort, result in savings, and benefit the environment. Some upgrades are relatively inexpensive, but many will require more investment. Any kind of upgrade, however, will be beneficial in the long run.

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