Invest in an Energy Audit for Your South Carolina Home and Reap the Rewards

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Invest in an Energy Audit for Your South Carolina Home and Reap the Rewards

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When you stop to think of all the places in your South Carolina home where you might be wasting energy, it can leave you reeling. That's just one reason why an energy audit might be in order for your home.

Another reason is that conscientious homeowners want to do their part to lower the use of fossil fuels. Energy audits help homeowners figure out how to do so most effectively.

What's the Benefit?

In the past, an energy audit was more likely to be ordered for a business. These days, however, energy audits are increasingly in demand by homeowners. That said, you might wonder if an audit of your energy use is really worthwhile. But when you learn that potential energy savings might be as high as 30 percent, that can be quite an incentive.

What's Involved?

When you decide you want an energy audit, here's what your consultant will do:

  • Analyze your energy bills and analyze your usage.
  • Assess your HVAC system and other energy-using appliances.
  • Assess your home's insulation, tightness and other factors that contribute to energy loss.
  • Perform various tests.

Energy Audit Tests

Among the tests an auditor will perform are the blower door test and the thermographic scan.

A blower door test involves mounting a large fan in a framework in an exterior door. When the fan is turned on it creates negative pressure by pulling air out of the home. The auditor can then use a smoke pencil by windows, doors and other openings in the house to find where air might be leaking in or out.

A thermographic scan involves an infrared camera scanning inside and outside of your home for heat loss or for spots where cold is getting in.

Once the audit is complete, your consultant will tell you which changes you can make that will be most cost effective for halting energy loss.

For more information on the benefits of an energy audit, contact us at Cool Care Heating and Air of Columbia. We've been providing exceptional service to area residents since 2001. 

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