New equipment is not always the answer to your energy saving problems!

Consider this: If your chest hurts, do you immediately get open heart surgery? Of course not! You would want the problem diagnosed to find a suitable treatment option; most likely, NOT open heart surgery. Find out more with an Energy Audit

house-leakingThe same thing goes with your home’s energy consumption. If you have rooms in your house that do not get as cool or warm as you would like them to, your energy bills are higher than normal, or your air filters are getting dirty at a faster rate than normal, replacing your air conditioning, heating, or air quality equipment may be too drastic of a step.

Instead of automatically recommending a drastic, and expensive step; such as replacing your equipment, our highly trained Whole House Comfort Specialists will visit your home and using advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures to identify problems that affect your safety, comfort and energy costs. We will resolve your problems permanently using many proven methods. Instruments and techniques include blower door tests, infrared imagery, duct blaster, and other highly specialized software.

Your attic is likely a culprit in your higher energy costs and air quality concerns. We will recommend products such as AttiCat blown in insulation, Fire-rated foam insulation, radiant barrier foil/spray, foam sealing for thermal bypasses, and sealing your pull-down stairs.

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