HVAC Preventive Maintenance Plans

HVAC MaintenanceWhen your heating and cooling systems are getting the job done, it’s easy to forget about a HVAC Maintenance plan. However, ignoring annual HVAC maintenance can disrupt your life and cost you a lot of money. For one thing, air conditioners, heat pumps and hot water heaters that aren’t properly maintained usually have a shorter lifespan. Not only that, the longer these systems go without maintenance, the less efficient they become, and the more they cost to operate. Finally, any heating and cooling contractor will tell you that the majority of repair calls and HVAC breakdowns could have been avoided had the systems been properly maintained. Ignoring HVAC maintenance is like ignoring vehicle maintenance; sooner or later, you’ll end up paying a price.

Benefits of Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

Air conditioners should be serviced every spring and heat pumps should be serviced every fall. Annual hvac preventive maintenance will prime these units to perform efficiently as the seasons change. When you schedule heat pump and AC maintenance before the hot or cold weather kicks in, you can take care of any problems that might have developed since last year, prepare the units to perform optimally during the months ahead, and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your HVAC is ready to deliver reliable indoor comfort for the duration.

Our Energy Savings Agreement can detect minor problems before they become large problems, saving you money, time and discomfort. With our Energy Savings Agreement you’ll receive:

  • Priority Service
  • No Overtime Rates
  • Discounts on Parts and Labor
  • Higher Efficiency – Save money on Electric Bills
  • Semi-Annual cleaning and tune-Up of Your Air Conditioning and/or Heating Equipment

DIY Preventive HVAC Maintenance Tips

As a Columbia, SC, homeowner, you can help your air conditioning and heater run smoothly by doing a few easy things:

  • Keep the air filters clean. Some filters need changing every month; others are good to go for 90 days. If you have furry friends, check the filters often; pet fur can clog an air filter very quickly.
  • Keep the outdoor unit clean. Rinse it with a garden hose periodically, clear the area of debris, and keep any foliage trimmed back at least two feet.
  • Dust and vacuum your air vents monthly.

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Maintenance Services

As a Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer, Cool Care Heating & Air offers affordable heating and air conditioning maintenance plans and annual HVAC preventative maintenance tune-ups that will always save money over time. Providing annual maintenance on your heating and cooling systems can extend the lifespans of these systems for many years, and well-maintained HVAC equipment lowers utility bills by operating more efficiently.

Our NATE-Certified technicians can provide thorough AC, air duct and heat pump maintenance that will keep these systems in tiptop condition and performing at peak capacity. Our HVAC maintenance services include:

  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Refrigerant charge check
  • Condensate drain inspection and cleaning
  • Complete safety and performance inspections
  • Blower wheel inspections
  • Seasonal preparation

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