Which Heating System is Best for Your Home

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Which Heating System is Best for Your Home

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family sittingYou want to make sure your family is warm and comfortable through the Columbia, South Carolina winter months. However, you have concerns about doing so without increasing your energy consumption. The type of heating system you use, and how you use it can make a difference on your energy bills.

Central Heating System

A furnace or central heating system is the most popular choice for many homeowners. If your HVAC unit is properly maintained and energy-efficient, then it is suitable to use as your primary heating source in the winter. Although a furnace is not necessarily the most energy-efficient option, especially compared to solar or geothermal heating, it also doesn’t require as big of an investment as those alternatives.

Wood-burning Fireplace or Stove

If you are lucky enough to own a functional wood-burning fireplace or wood-burning stove, it can be a cost-effective and cozy way to heat your home — assuming, of course, that you have access to free or affordable firewood or gas logs. However, open fireplaces can be counterproductive if they are your only heat source. Since open chimneys can suck air out of your home, you can actually lose heat if you don’t use your damper. Chimneys must also be cleaned and maintained so they do not become fire hazards in your home.

Space Heater

Space heaters can help make smaller areas comfortable for your family and guests without requiring you to heat the entire home. If you want to warm smaller rooms, like a bedroom, personal office, or nursery, but want to save energy throughout the rest of the home, a space heater may be a good option. However, space heaters use a lot of electricity, so using them to heat large areas of your home wouldn’t make sense. If you only want to warm a small part of your home, then a space heater can help, but for bigger areas, they aren’t worth it.

Each system has it pros and cons, and you may find that some combination of the three will work best for your home. For more information about heating your home this winter, contact Cool Care Heating and Air at (803) 772-7715.

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